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the democratic party gave their presidential nomination, and it seemed their heart and soul and the muscle and bone and sin new to barack obama, the son of a black man from kenya and white from kansas. captioning sponsored by comedy central captioned by media access group at wgbh invesco >> tonight, from the mile-high city, it's the democratic national convention. guess who's coming to denver.
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starring barack obama. the delegation from party town. and so many dreams to crush, we had to build a stadium. captioning sponsored by comedy central ( cheers and applause ) >> jon: thank you very much. we're delighted to be here. thank you so much. thank you to the center for the performing arts at the university of denver being kind to us all week long and we've learned something about colorado that i want to share with you, there is absolutely no middle ground in this state. we were either a rapture-awaiting promise keeper. or you drive a car that runs on
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gorp. next week, of course, we'll be at a much lower altitude in st. paul, minnesota, covering the republican convention. obviously, so much more oxygen and yet somehow even harder to breathe. invesco field, 84,000 revellers, the first presidential acceptance speech visible from space but before we get to barack obama, please welcome the cavalcade of hope players. stevie wonder. sheryl crow. the rolling stones were there. jimmi hendrix back from the dead. i can't believe it. oh, my god, wolfgang amadeus mozart was there. and there he is, hype we can believe in. >> with profound gratitude and great humility, i accept your
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nomination for the presidency of the united states. >> yes, great humility. a less humble man might have delivered his speech at the grand canyon. my god. while the venue may not have been modest, obama's presidential agenda surely was modest. >> i will rebuild our military to meet future conflicts. i will restore our moral standing. i will end this war in iraq. i will also renew the tough, direct diplomacy. i will cut taxes. i will build new partnerships to defeat the threats of the 21st century, terrorism and nuclear proliferation, poverty, genocide, climate change and disease. >> and then, on my second day.
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i will put everything back. on my second day, everything will go back to the way it was. give me something to do on my third day. and then. if senator obama's positive vision of the future didn't do anything for you, perhaps i could interest you in a negative look at the past. >> we love this country too much to let the next four years look just like the last eight. on november 4th, we must stand up and say, eight is enough. >> jon: we must take it one day at a time. to restore good times and happy days. whether you're married with children or just friends, cheers to you, "monday night football." it was a night of historic
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moments. the first african-american nominee and a stadium full of democrats chanting -- >> jon: don't be nervous. they're not saying "u.s.a., they're saying "boo s.a." while it can't get freakier than that. ♪ it's brooks and dunn's "only in america." it's the exact same song republicans played in 2004 after president bush's acceptance speech. the only difference, very slight, the democrats' version was sung by albert brooks and norah dunn. and then the real skeptical began. the crowd was unable to contain itself any further.
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mile-high stadium ejaculated. as you know, we're in denver, so we're not satisfied with merely watching obama's speech from afar. here is our own john oliver with a report from last night -- the very heart of hopeness. ♪ >> from the opening moments, it was obvious that this was a historic occasion of gravitas, and significance. ♪ baby, clapping like this ♪ let the sunshine let the sun shine in ♪
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>> jon: how do you think obama's going to deal with the situation in south ossettia? >> he will do everything right for america. >> jon: what is he going to do? >> he's going to put american families back to work, and create jobs here in america, and give us health care benefits so we can afford to live right here in america. >> i'm just worried about the sound bites. there is no real substance to it. of course, it wasn't all about issues. there were some lighter moments. >> before he entered the white house, abraham lincoln's experience in elective office consisted of eight years in the state legislature in springfield, illinois and one term in congress. >> and just six short hours later, obama took the stage. >> obama, obama, obama. >> it's difficult. i'll get it.
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nearly. >> obama. obama. o-ba-ma. >> i stand before you tonight because all across america something has stirred. this election has never been about me. it's about you. >> what a night. >> he's amazing. >> barack obama evening. >> incredible speech. it just makes you want to do something. >> oh, yeah. >> america, yes. >> feed me, feed me. it's the most delicious host i've ever tasted.
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he's the greatest -- the man may be a movement but he's the greatest movement i've ever seen.
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>> jon: obviously, thank you so much -- obviously, the democratic national convention was the big news, but there was also some breaking news out of dayton, ohio, today where this morning republican presidential candidate john mccain introduced the world to his third wife.
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actually, no, wait, i'm sorry, that's his running mate, sarah palin, the freshman governor of alaska and star and producer of the emmy winning "30 rock." no, i'm sorry -- the star of the emmy winning "will & grace." no, i'm sorry, it's actually the mild-mannered yet troubled librarian from every cinemax movie. obviously. >> i'm up late. >> jon: so obviously, senator john mccain has made an enormous amount over barack obama's lack of experience. which seems curious that the 72-year-old four to five time face-cancer guy would choose a running mate whose resume appears to be more suited for a "northern exposure" reunion show. i don't know why that would be,
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so let's find out from governor palin. why? >> and, of course, senator hillary clinton, who showed such determination and grace in her presidential campaign. but it turns out the women of america aren't finished yet, and we can shatter that glass ceiling once and for all. >> jon: yes. yes, i think something just shattered. whoa. obviously, fox news is a more sophisticated analysis network and understands why governor palin would be ready from day one. >> but the other thing about her, she does know about international relations because she is right up there in alaska right next door to russia. [cheers]
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>> jon: come on. >> jon: think about it. alaska's also near the north pole, so she must also be friends with santa. now, the pick was a surprise, not least for palin herself, who was asked about the job just a month ago. >> asked for that v.p. >> as for that v.p. talk all the time, i can't answer that question until somebody answers for me, what is it exactly that the v.p. does every day? >> jon: oh, mostly -- mostly, you just sit around being prepared to be the most powerful person on earth. senior female and women's issues correspondent samantha bee joins us with more. [applause] [cheers] >> jon: i know how moved you were by senator hillary clinton's run for the presidency. how are you feeling now about this extraordinary moment? >> it's amazing, jon, and as a
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proud vagina american myself, i can tell you i'll be voting for mccain in november. >> jon: that's it? you just vote for whoever has -- >> a fun pouch. >> jon: the -- >> the love pita. >> jon: right. but in many ways, governor pailen is the ideological opposite of senator clinton. >> oh, yes, but she's her gynecological twin. the thing is -- let me explain. they both have vaginas -- >> jon: i understand, i understand, but senator mccain is someone who voted against equal pay for equal work. >> both have boobies. >> jon: no, i understand that but both palin and mccain believe roefd should be overturned -- >> ow -- believe roe v. wade
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should be overturned -- >> ow, custop overloading my lady brain? john mccain hochose a woman who was almost completely unprepared for the job and who disagrees with me on every core value i believe in but i will be voting mccain in november because he understands women don't vote with the big head. they vote with the little hood. right, ladies? >> jon: we'll be right back, everybody.
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[cheers] [applause] >> jon: welcome back. thank you so much. it is -- it is the end of our run here in denver. that is so anti-semitic. wait, no. wait. i misinterpreted. we've actually had a great week. the people here have been absolutely terrific to us and very supportive. it's obviously also been a great convention, and i guess the reason for that is because this convention was covered by -- i guess what many are calling the best [beep] news team on the planet. >> jon: we were here and we
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reported the [beep] out of this convention. so if i may, here is a little slice of the news team at work. enjoy. >> the convention turned full swing and the race is on to see who is going to win the news war. >> we have the best political team on television here. >> and the best political coverage anywhere. >> the best political team in the business. >> maybe the 24-hour snooze networks haven't heard that the t.s. was in town. time to introduce these fools to the new alpha dog. >> have a taste, cooper, because we own this convention, and you and all your boys are fresh meat. >> look down on my news and despair. i will now sign autographs. >> what are you? a delegate?
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>> no. i'm a guest. >> what kind of guest? >> special guest. >> a special guest. >> you walked in by yourself? >> yes. >> oh, yea. >> be very proud of yourself. >> what do you look forward to not accomplishing this year in congress? >> what kind of question is that? >> he said he saw delegates littering or doing something that was not very green. how would you handle it? >> well, i would stop them and ask them to pick it up. >> that sounds like a democrat to me. demonstration. demo. "i don't feel like recycling this [beep] >> pick it up, please. [beep] >> are you going to ask me a
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question? >> i thought you were going to ask me a question. >> obama delegate from the state of michigan. >> hey, ma'am. losers are part of the convention too. [beep] [beep] >> really, really want to? hey, ladies and gentlemen, i'm old. >> ask you a question. why in the hell would i want to ask you a question? >> jon: all right. >> i'm with bbc. >> you're bbc? >> i'm british. i'm british. you don't need a credential to be british. my voice is my credential. aluminum. >> i'm telling you, my voice is my credential. >> oh, you're kidding me. you're kidding me.
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>> all right. are you ready for us now? >> no, i'm not ready for you. out. >> question number one. >> no. >> don't blow me, don't >> don'tbly this interview. >> i'll blow you. >> i'll ask you this. >> looks pretty good. i'll be taking that. want some more by 3:30, you got me? oh, yeah. >> we're not just reporting the news, we are the news. >> oh, my, oh, my, oh, my. oh. >> we roll, son. #l#l,x
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>> jon: thank you very much. welcome back. that is our -- that is our show. that is our week in denver. please join us next week, once again, tuesday through friday
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we'll be covering the r.n.c. in minnesota. our first guest on tuesday night -- florida governor charlie crist, and we'll ask him why he's not the vice president. it will be incredibly uncomfortable. >> jon: but before we go, we are going to offer you some moments of zen -- moments, plural. these are -- these are little tidbits from "the daily show's" free speech coverage at mile-high stadium. >> when barack obama moved his speech to mile-high stadium, it meant one thing. democratic tailgating. >> yeah. >> universal health care, universal health care. whew. chardonnay. i'm grilling up some arugula, boys. oh. look at this. look at this. look at that. hey, hey.
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>> this is the first first african-american being nominated for the president of the united states. >> obama. >> obama. >> a little for hillary. there you go. >> remember back in march when he proposed the national infrastructure investment bank to expand existing federal transportation investments? >> i do remember that, yes, when obama opposed that -- proposed that? >> do you remember that? >> i do. it was the i-9 bridge collapse in minneapolis-st. paul and he said we needed to -- >> break. >> so that we could -- so that we could reinvest in our roads and have safer, better bridges and you know -- an easier way to get to work. [beep] >> 200 years after slavery, we are electing a black president. that's pretty cool. >> what. >> i'm truly, truly, happy,
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happy, happy. >> happy enough to give me some sugar? >> oh, yeah. oh. >> with the stadium packed with fair-weather fans, not all us die-hards were able to get in. >> jonesy, come on, we're going in. let's go. >> obama. ♪ >> sitting down with us. >> i'm glad to be here. i'm glad to be here. which camera do i look in? >> it doesn't matter. you can look at any camera you want. >> this is the only camera i have. it's a microphone. >> what doum? you don't have any >> what do you mean? you don't have any cameras? >> unfortunately we're a radio program. >> this is a radio? >> you didn't know it was the radio? >> i'm sorry. [beep] you thought it was a [beep] tv show. we're back on the radio show. >> how about i break some news across your face. >> yeah. >> huge fan.

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